Who can dive the deepest?

The sperm whale! The record for this species is 10,000 feet. They must do this to hunt their prey, such as giant squids.

​Who can hold their breath the longest?
The sperm whale! Their record is a little over 2 hours.

Who has the longest baleen?
The bowhead whale! The record is 14 feet!

Who's the fastest?
The Atlantic white-sided dolphin! Their speeds can reach 36 miles per hour, or 32 knots.

Who's the smallest?
The franciscana! This species of cetacean is extra special as well; as they live in fresh water ecosystems! You can find them in the rivers of South America, and they can grow to be 4 1/2-6 ft. long.

Who has the most teeth?
The spinner dolphin! They can have 224 teeth!

Who has the longest teeth?
The narwhal! Their tusk is actually a tooth, and it can grow up to 10 ft long!

Who's the largest?

The blue whale! Not only is it the largest species of cetacean, it is also the biggest animal to ever live on this planet. The maximum recorded size of this species is 110 ft.

​Who eats the most?
The blue whale! They can eat up to 7 tons!

​Who's the heaviest?
The blue whale! The record is 200 tons!

Who is the loudest?
The blue whale! 188 decibels, that is pretty loud!


Who is the most endangered?

The vaquita porpoise. Sadly, less than 100 remain.

​Who has the longest pregnancy?
The killer whale! These animals can have a gestation period of 15 to 16 months!

​Who has the most baleen plates?
The fin whale! On average, they have 360 plates!

Who can live the longest?
The bowhead whale! They can live more than 200 years!

Who migrates the furthest? 
The grey whale! In one year they can travel 12,400 miles!

Pictures: Wikimedia commons and Amila Tennakoon

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