Help Captive Cetaceans

The first step to change is awareness. Without knowing what's going on, nothing will ever happen.

Ways to Help Captive Cetaceans:

  • Don't buy a ticket! Don't go to an aquarium or amusement park that holds cetaceans in captivity. For a list of facilities in the United States, and links to lists of worldwide dolphinariums, check out the "Facilities" page.
  • Share information you learn with your friends and family on social media and in everyday life. Awareness is key!
  • Get as educated as you can on the subject of cetacean captivity by reading this information on this website and other trusted sources.
  • Sign as many petitions as you can! Here are a few that need your signature:
  1. End All Imports and Exports of Dolphins Across U.S. Borders
  2. End All Captures of Dolphins for Public Display in U.S. Territorial Waters
  3. End Swim With Dolphin Programs
  4. End All Dolphin Petting Pools
  5. End All Dolphin-Assisted Therapy Programs
  6. Ask the Russian Government to Ban the Wild Capture of Orcas

  • Protest onsite at marine parks and be a proactive activist!